Thursday, 25 March 2010

Schekhtel's House. Part 2

The insides of this art nouveau building are very elegant and so in unison with nature. The marbel stairs are leading to the upper floor. I put more photos of the insides today and plan to post tomorrow some more inside details.
The shape of lamp in the base of the stairs was inspired by jellyfish. But if you look at this lamp from the upper floor, it  resembles a tortoise.
The house is decorated with stained-glass windows. The architect preferred to place these windows between the rooms, it added extra light and illusion of more space. 

During Soviet times the building belonged to different organisations. A lot of furniture, lamps and wall decorations were destroyed. 

This is a detail of the ceiling: flowers, trees, snails and butterflies.

This photo I took in Moscow fans livejournal blog (click here), it is in Russian but photos are excellent, the author is a professional. 


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