Monday, 7 June 2010

Everyday life

This is outside of Rizhskaya metro station. The monument in the center is to commemorate the builders of the first satellite (Sputnik). The metro entrance is the white circular building at the back of this photo. In front of it is a book shop (where it says книги, газеты, журналы - books, newspapers, magazines). To the right you see a sign for Ростикс (Rostiks, or KFC as it's called in America) and also a small stand selling sandwiches. You see one of those stands outside of almost every metro station! To the left there are just some people talking to each other, and a couple of ads taped to a utility box. The bottom paper is advertising a get rich quick scheme - money in 1 hour! (деньги за 1 час!) The tall buildings on the right are apartments, and the building on the left, where the cars are parked, is a small shopping center. I don't know what the building in the very back of the photo is, but it looks like an office to me.

posted by Ashira


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