Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fire-Lookout Tower

This intriguing tower over the building at Nikoloyamskaya street I saw in March and this week I saw information about it.

Fire-lookout tower of Rogozhskaya Fire Police department.

This building was constructed on the ruins of city mansion in 1819 and belonged to Police Department.  In 1823 the Police Department of Moscow started its work on regular base and had 16 fire-lookout towers to watch the city.

These days only three of them left.
This is the link to the post of Irina-our blog founder about the one in Sokolniki.

And this one now belongs to the bank, which restored the building and the tower in 1990.

This photo is about 100 years old.

Very detailed and illustrative article about history of Moscow Fire Police, written in Russian (click here)

Google map.

Posted by Irina.


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