Thursday, 1 July 2010

Theme Day: Reflections

As I was walking around looking for a good 'reflection' photo, I saw this - the Temple of the Mother of God, icon "Joy of all who Sorrow" -  or more accurately, it's reflection! The way the reflection is broken up really reflects on the history of this church. It was founded in 1896, but was closed just 28 years later, in 1924. Five domes and the bell tower were demolished, it's icons and murals destroyed, and many valuable objects were stripped from it. During Soviet times, it passed through the hands of many owners, the last of which was a repair factory for medical equipment. In 1996 it was returned to the Church, but it was in extremely poor condition, and the process of restoration is still being carried out today. Now it is not only a church, but a medical center for it's parishioners. Unfortunately, the picture I took of the whole church didn't turn out well, so I'll take another today, and post it here on Saturday - please check back then!
posted by Ashira


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