Monday, 6 September 2010

The Theater

The building was constructed in 1886 as a theater for the invited guests-actors from Europe. Sarah Bernard, Eleonore Duse, many others played here.

After revolution it got the name "Theater of revolutionary satire" and after 1922 they called it simple : "Theater of the revolution" (info from the theater's site).

Now it is named after Mayakovsky, revolutionary poet.
About Mayakovsky - here is the link to his poems in English, I found it on some marxists (!) site.  He had strong personality and difficult fate, as most talented individuality during Soviets. Do you want the details (it will give me extra ideas for future posts)?
Look at his poems, Mayakovsky was my favorite poet when I was 15, very revolutionary age.

Website of the theater (in Russian).

Google map.

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