Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Izba in Hamovniki district

It was total surprise for me when I caught the light blue spot of this building while driving along almost monochrome in autumn Pogodinskaya street. I parked and took some shots. Lucky it was holiday, so no cars around this beauty.

That's what I have got about the building in Wiki:

This old Russian izba (hut) was built by the architect Nikitin in 1856, according to the rules of wooden Russian architecture. It was presented as a gift to the historian and collector of Russian antiquities M. Pogodin by merchant Kokorev. Izba was one of two outbuildings (or better to say "wings"?) on the sides of Pogodin's mansion.

During the Second World War the main mansion was destroyed and this building was heavily damaged by bombs, but in 1972 te old form of the hut was re-established.

Now Izba belongs to some building company.

Google map.
Wiki (Rus).

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