Thursday, 18 November 2010

One Year Here

Two days ago I was at jazz concert in small Moscow jazz club. Too dark for photos (at least for my camera and my photo-knowledge), so I started looking for any interesting angle or unexpected detail.
Here we are. The reflection of the singing musician in the glass column. Sorry for the noise.

One more thing. I joined the community and Moscow blog exactly one year ago, on 18th November 2009.

One year later I have so many more friends all over the world;
I read and understood almost all of 186 pages of my "Canon G10" manual;
I discovered and enjoyed the unknown places in the city which I loved and thought that I knew so well;
I realized that blogging is all about fun and socializing;
I have the feeling that
Eagan, Brattleboro, Barcelona, Fort Lauderdale, Hawaii, Jerusalem, Roma, Menton Boston, Helsinki, Mexico city, Athens, Ocala, Santa Fe and St. Paul, Rio, Downey, Greensboro, Jorvik, Brookville, Edmonton, Oeiras, Washington, Pasadena, Phoenix, Haninge, Prescott, Scottsdale and so many others...
are the places where I live, too. At least I know what's going on there on every day basis))))

Thank you, friends, for your comments and attention and I wish us the happy photo hunting!

PS.And thanks to the unknown author of the champagne image!

Posted by Irina


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