Saturday, 14 May 2011

Night in Museum

Tonight 160 Moscow museums work till midnight. It is the 5th "Night in museums" event and it is very popular. Museums, which if not for the tourists are almost empty during the year, suddenly happen to be the greatest place of interest for the Muscovites. Some of the museums prepare special expositions, some just stay open till 24-00.
I think it is great idea. If the state financing is very weak why not to use any possibility which helps to educate and to rise museum funds?

I did this photo today at Novaya (New) Square. I planned to make photos in the city, but the weather was too wet for photo-session).  The pink buildings are the museum of Moscow. Strange but recognizable design? You are right, it was the church before revolution. Soon museum will leave this building and Orthodox church gets back its treasure.

The entrance is decorated with balloons to mark and celebrate the 14th May as "Night in Museum".

Google map.

Posted by Irina.


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