Thursday, 26 May 2011

Steam Locomotive

I have detected this curiosity behind a fence of the abandoned brewery "Babaevsky". Here that I have learned about it from the Internet:
It was born in 1938. It is the prisoner of the place, as the rails of the cargo line to the brewery were dismantled during the construction of the district in the middle of 50ies of 20th century. Then it worked as monument at "Sakko and Vantsetti" pencil factory, till the factory was ruined in 2007 for the construction of expensive apartment blocks.
Then it was moved through the remains of the rails to the neighbor brewery where the locomotive was planned to be part of restaurant, but the crisis changed these plans.

Let's listen to very revolutionary song now:
Our locomotive, move forward!
We will stop in the commune!
We do not have any other way,
The rifle is in our hand!

Posted by Irina.


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