Saturday, 4 June 2011

People Dancing

Today strong wind brought us these beautiful clouds. The photos are made at the right time (about 7pm) from the river cruise ship.
The second photo is the dancing which is located at the river edge and is great pleasure to look at. So if you are in Moscow and want to dance in open air - welcome to Gorky park.

Salsa dancing near Moskva-river on Youtube:

Google map.
Moskva-river cruise (in Russian).

PS. About my previous post (The copy of Brandenburg gates in Moscow). Many of you asked about relations between our countries. Germany, since 1972, is the number 1 trade partner of Russia, as almost 14% of Russian foreign trade is German share.
And my personal experience. For many years I worked with German companies and have a number of German friends. Nothing special. Usual people. Set me examples how to be disciplined, how to be workaholic, how to keep the agreements, how to be honest and openhearted. Simone, if you read this, the last part of this "speech" is specially about you.

PPS. Today I received the letter from Abraham Lincoln (everybody knows him). He took care of Ashira's photo (few days ago) and slightly improved it with Photoshop ("I used Photoshop to make the darker parts of the people lighter so you could see what the camera recorded but was not able to process.").  So I wanted to show you the result here, as Ashira is really busy young lady.

People, you are amazing, thank you so much.

Posted by Irina.


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