Monday, 22 August 2011

Yard of Moscow Modern Art Museum

The yard of Moscow Modern Art Museum is decorated by Z.Tsereteli, Georgian painter and sculptor's, iron people. A piece of Eastern market, where they sell, buy and exchange news is presented by almost two dozens of individual figures.

They are live, special, interesting, made with love and, believe me, they very well represent Georgian character.
Mr. Tzereteli worked in Moscow during the previous city major, they were close friends, and the city was very often (sometimes too much) decorated with works of this artist..
Now, when major changed, they discuss the possibility to remove all Tsereteli's works from the remarkable places in the city, he gets huge amount of negative critique. I hope no art work would be destroyed as we already had the destruction precedent in revolutionary 1917 and it taught us strong lesson.
I feel sorry for Mr. Tsereteli. He is very good artists and talented sculptor. His story has moral for any artist - try to stay independent, friends with authorities can be very self-destroying.

Posted by Irina.

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