Thursday, 25 August 2011

Poetry in the Subway

Few days ago late in the evening I was returning home by subway. And saw the stickers with poems of Francesco Petrarca on the carriage walls, in two languages together with the biography of the poet.

That's what I read: The train "Poetry in the Underground" is the unique project, aiming to make poetry treasures closer to the passengers, traveling underground. Project started in November 2010 with the publication of Chilean poetry as dedication to 200 years of independence of Chile.
2011 is the year of Russian-Italian friendship, so the walls of the cars have stickers with poems of Petrarca, Dante Alighieri and other famous Italian poets.

The train was discovered at Filiovskaya (light blue) line, Alexandrovsky Sad-Mezhdunarodnaya stations.

Posted by Irina.


  1. This is a good thing.
    Also good that a young lady can ride the subway at night.

  2. This is a great project. I would like to see it in the USA, too.

  3. Oh that's so good! Some fantastic poets and Italy. And as I am a fluent Italian-speaker (my Russian is not existent!), I am really glad for the first photo!

  4. Here, in Madrid, it is normal to read something in the subway cars. All carry some literature of famous authors pasted on their walls. I read it always.


  5. The Madrid metro is the third in the world, behind only those of Moscow and New York.


  6. inspired and inspiring. if only all public transportation provided us with poetry, art, and music to accompany us on our journeys.

  7. wow! I'm impressed! a great project!!

  8. This is fantastic! I was here a few hours ago and got sidetracked showing my son your subway stations. I went back in your blog to show him how amazing the artwork is and the cleanliness, it's hard to believe that a metro could be kept so immaculate! Now there's also teachings included, wow!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  9. Please help me for Christ sake

  10. Thank you, Luis!
    Sharon, it will be right to read poetry when jammed in morning train.
    Dina, you are so right.
    Jack, thank you!
    Rob and Mandy, thank you!
    Tomas, I did not know metro in Madrid exists at all. All the more I did not know it is so big. maybe it is time for you to start Madrid Daily Photo?))
    Brattcat, that would be great, I agree.
    Edita, thank you!
    Darlin, thank you! The wings started growing here)).
    Majid Ali, sorry, I do not believe in the messages like yours.



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